Club Membership

All member clubs must renew their membership annually. This provides the club and its members the services and benefits provided by CKBC and CKC.

How to renew your club's membership

See Become a CKBC Member Club for information on becoming a new member club

Submit the following to CKBC by March 31:

  1. Completed CKBC member club renewal information which includes all of the following:

This may be completed on-line via Sportical or by downloading the forms and submitting completed forms and rewewal documents (see below) to CKBC.

    • Club and programming information
    • Current board of directors and coach contact information
    • Completed compliance form (new form coming after CKBC board approval in February)
    • Most recent club annual report (suitable for inclusion in CKBC's annual report)
    • Current Confirmation of Filing with the BC Registries and Online Services
    • Most recent AGM minutes
    • Constitution and By-Laws (if not already posted on-line)
    • Certificate of Incorporation (if not already posted on-line)
  1. Payment of the $500 registration fee. All clubs who attend the CKBC Fall Conference will receive a $200 rebate on their membership.

Clubs that have not renewed their membership by April 30 will not be registered as members and will not receive the associated member services (including insurance coverage).

Club membership information & forms


Mary Jane Abbott, Executive Director, 604-465-5268, (membership with CKBC)

Sandra Lewis, Communications, 778-689-9007, (on-line registration process)