2016 Coaches Week profiles



Lauren Heckley (Nelson Kayak and Canoe Club)

Lauren Heckley2 I've been coaching for: This was my first season, it's been amazing!
Favourite colour and why:
Orange! Because it's bright and full of energy.
My coaching philosophies: Aiming on developing athletes who have the intrinsic motivation and confidence to reach their potential.  
Favourite words of wisdom: Happiness and confidence are the keys to peak performance.
Favourite coaching memory: Coaching NKCC at Pacific Cup, seeing how happy the kids were with their performances was an amazing feeling.
As a coach, I look up to: Matt Nuttall, Richard Milde and Jason Rusu - My assistant coaches. They are volunteers who are so motivated to help our athletes be the best they can be at every single practice. They are constantly smiling, full of energy, and always willing to get in the water to help!
If I could coach a professional sports team, it would be: I love coaching, but my dream is to expand my career as a Mental Skills Consultant. I would love to work with Kayaking and Canoeing Professional Teams, and help them further optimize their performances with mental strength.

Diane Tam (False Creek RCC)

Diane-Tam I've been coaching for: 3 years 
Favourite colour and why:
 Green, just because
My coaching philosophies: I value the importance of exposing young athletes to a wide variety of skills and challenges for optimal long-term growth as an athlete. I continually try to provide opportunities for young athletes, opportunities that they may not have ever imagined or known, and then help them in achieving those goals by providing an optimal learning environment that encourages development and growth, both in and out of the training environment. It is also important for my athletes to learn how to communicate effectively, be responsible, hold themselves accountable, and continually seek out new challenges.   
Favourite words of wisdom: When you are training, make sure you know why you are there and what you want to have achieved by the end of your training (or practice).
Favourite coaching memory: Winning the Pacific Division U11 and U13 burgees at Pacific Cup
As a coach, I look up to: Blake Dalton (CKBC Provincial Coach) - he's done a lot of great things for canoe/kayak in BC and the sport and the clubs wouldn't be where they are today without his efforts in developing the sport and coaches the past few years.
If I could coach a professional sports team, it would be:
Probably women's rugby - there are just so many mental, physical and tactical components involved; it seems so intense but fun to have played and coach as well.
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