Transformation Tuesday

Written by experts for CKBC's athletes and coaches, Transformation Tuesday is designed to help every paddler get the most out of every stroke. Comments and suggestions welcome at:


The why's and how's of a warmup

Warmup MVMT Academy owner and exercise physiologist, Liam Fisher, is an expert on getting people moving. And he knows the importance of a good warmup. Read why you need a proper warmup and what it looks like.  [read more]

Improve your posture to kayak faster

Former Team Canada and Team Nova Scotia paddler and physiotherapist at nsync Physiotherapy in Burnaby Heights (BC), Caitlyn Dunphy shares how to improve your kayk poster. And why? Because it's going to make you a faster and more efficient kayaker.[read more


It's all going to be okay because...

Performance Enhancement Consultant and Nelson Kayak and Canoe Club coach Lauren Heckley says it's all going to be okay. How? By using her technique, all paddlers can overcome fear and use it to their advantage. You CAN do it. Always remember what really matters to you, and it will all be okay. [read more]


Recovery nutrition

Canadian national team kayaker and dietetics' student, Alanna Bray-Lougheed knows how important it is to eat healthy after training. And even with our busy lives, it doesn't have to be difficult. Check out her easy and tasty recovery nutrtition ideas. [read more]


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