CKBC's Legends

Cory Rublee - From reluctant paddler to 26-time national champion


Cory Rublee, the youngest in the family, started paddling because his older brother and sister joined the Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club. What followed was much more than even he could have expected. During his competitive career he won numerous medals at the Canada Games, Canadian Sprint Championships and, as a six-year member of the national team, various international races. [read more] (photo credit Jon Clarke)



Jason Rusu - Saskatchewan trailblazer and BC leader 

Nelson Kayak and Canoe Club’s Jason Rusu learned to paddle and race sprint kayak in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The first paddler from that province to be named to Canada’s national team, Rusu competed at world cups, world championships and the 1992 Olympics. [read more]

Gred-Redman Greg Redman - National Team paddler and Olympic physiotherapist

Originally a paddler in South Africa, Kelowna's Greg Redman joined Burnaby Kayak and Canoe in 1991 after his family immigrated to Canada. A sprint national team member from 1993-2001, Redman is now a successul sport physiotherapist who has participated in six Olympic Games.[read more]


 Alison-Herst Alison Herst - From running up Burnaby Mountain to world champion

A member of the North Bay (Ontario) Canoe Club, Alison Herst escaped the winter cold to train in B.C. The dual coast training paid off when she became a world champion in 1995. Now a paddling mom, Herst says kayaking taught her resiliency, self-confidence and perseverance.[read more]


Nicole Haywood – From Long Lake Nanaimo to World Champion

Originally from Nanaimo, Nicole Haywood began paddling in 2004. A member of Team BC at the 2005 and 2009 Canada Summer Games, she ultimately became World Champion in 2009. Now studying in Kingston, Ontario and still paddling, Haywood says the sport drove her to be her best self.[read more]


Kristin Bauder – A paddler with Olympic rowing dreams

Kristin Bauder began paddling at the Fort Langley Canoe Club in 2002. Fifteen years later she is still on the water, just turned around and rowing! As a rower, she represented Canada at the 2015 Pan American Games and 2014 World Championships. [read more]



Sue Holloway – History maker as a dual sport Olympian 

Sue Holloway made history in 1976 when she became the first Canadian woman to compete at the Summer and Winter Olympics in the same year. But her real success came after moving to B.C. for school and winter training. Although the 1980 Olympic boycott took one Olympics away, she retired with a silver and bronze medal after the 1984 Games. [read more]


Dari Fisher – Paddler, Coach, Teacher, Author

Dari Fisher has been involved in the sport of Flatwater Sprint Kayaking since 1991 (25 years). Since his first drop-in paddling session at the Burnaby Canoe and Kayak Club, he has taken on many roles over the years as an athlete, a coach, a personal trainer, and a teacher. [read more]


Dr. Ian Mackenzie – From marathon to sprint and back to marathon

Dr. Ian Mackenzie began racing marathon in Kamloops. He switched to sprint and was a Team BC member at the 1985 Canada Summer Games in New Brunswick. After returning to marathon, his world championships and world cup results were best ever for North Americans. [read more]


Gillian Fedechko - Canadian & Russian National Championship medalist

Gillian Fedechko's paddling career spanned two decades, two countries and both paddling and coaching. While representing her home club, Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club, she won numerous national medals, represented Canada at the Pan American Championships and BC at the Canada Summer Games. [read more]


Aaron Rublee - Kamloops paddler with multiple World Cup medals

Aaron Rublee started paddling in Kamloops before moving to other clubs for training. A multiple World Cup canoe medalist and a member of Canada's World Championships teams, he is now completing his Economics degree in Ottawa.  [read more]


Sheila Taylor - From instructor to whitewater to sprint Olympian

Sheila Taylor was a national level canoe instructor and spent her summers teaching canoeing from 1976-1980. Then in 1980, at age 21, she got a competitive boost when she began working at Strathcona Park Lodge on Vancouver Island. From there, she competed internationally in both whitewater and sprint. [read more]


Ken Padvaiskas- A chance conversation leads to B.C. and the Olympics

Ken Padvaiskas began paddling in Quebec. After competing at the Junior World Championships, he found himself at a crossroads: go on to college in Quebec or try to achieve his senior team goals. As luck would have it, his father had a conversation with Hugh Fisher. The next thing Ken knew he was in B.C. paddling on Burnaby Lake. Two Olympics, several senior wold championships and too many great memories too count later, Ken still resides in B.C.[read more]


Dan Norman - From the Tamihi, to the Olympics to teaching slalom

For Dan Norman canoes and paddling have been a part of his life since he was a child. And with hard work, luck and fun, he ultimately paddled in the 1992 Olympics in C-1 whitewater. Following his competitive career, he has remained involved in whitewater and to this day continues to introduce others to his sport. [read more]


Sean McBeath - A life spent paddling on and now studying water

Sean McBeath became involved with sprint canoe in 1999 at the Ridge Canoe and Kayak Club, when he joined a CanoeKids program in preparation for a seven-day trip in Northern British Columbia – the Bowron Lake chain. Now with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Applied Science of Chemical and Biological Engineering he is still working with water. [read more]


Patrice Gagnon - Slalom Olympian who still enjoys paddling in B.C.

Like many Eastern Canadians, Patrice Gagnon moved to B.C. to train and enjoy paddling year round. His plan paid off as his slalom career culminated at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics where he finished 21st. He also represented Canada at nine World Championships and is a national champion. Now a pilot based out of Vancouver Airport, this CKBC Legend continues to enjoy being connected to nature through paddling. [read more]


Blake Dalton - From athlete to lawyer to B.C.'s provincial coach

Blake Dalton represented Alberta at the 1997 Canada Summer Games in Brandon Manitoba. His dream of making the national team led to a move to Victoria. After completing law school in Montreal, he returned to B.C. and is now the CKBC Provincial Sprint Coach.  [read more]

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