Through a generous BC Sport Participation Grant, CanoeKayak BC is now able to deliver 'CanoeKids' programs to communities across the province with our 'CanoeKids on the Road' program.  Youth aged 9 - 14 are taught water safety and paddling skills in a safe and fun environment; skills that are valuable for life! 

Plans are now underway for the 2015 season.   If your community/club would like our qualified instructors and our trailer of boats to visit your community/club contact our office at 604-465-5268.      

Host a CanoeKids Instructors Course in your community!                                                                    

In partnership with CanoeKayak Canada, the Aboriginal Team BC Program and local aboriginal communities, CanoeKayak BC provides leadership, training and competitive opportunities for aboriginal youth to participate in recreational and competitive environments.  An annual BC Aboriginal Canoe Championships is co-hosted as well as inter provincial competitions and North American Indigenous Games opportunites. Contact our office at 604-465-5268 for more information.                                                                               

CanoeKayak BC is an active partner with CanoeKayak Canada encouraging the availability of both recreational (PaddleALL) and competitive (ParaCanoe) paddling opportunities for both cognitively and physcially disabled populations.  With our acceptance into the 2016 Paralympic Games we have see an increase in competitive opportunties in both canoes (outriggers) and kayaks. 

Contact Emma for more information on provincial programming/training as our programs expand to more of our community clubs.

 CanoeKayak BC athletes are a enthusiastic group of young people. Their dedication and commitment to the spoScholarship Fundrt they love is both inspiring and genuine. Not only do they excel on the water but in all areas of their lives.

The sport of canoe/kayak teaches more than technical skills; it teaches the ability to manage time, listen to instruction, work independently as well as with others, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. CanoeKayak BC provides our athletes with tools and memories to move through life and now it is our chance to help them do just that with the CanoeKayak BC Scholarship Fund.

Introduced in 2008, the CanoeKayak BC Scholarship Fund will award two scholarships to deserving students who are attending a British Columbian post-secondary institution.                                                                                          

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