2016 Sprint National Athletes


Cameron Antifave (Kamloops CKC, Nanaimo CKC)

 cameron-antifave Hometown: Nanaimo
Age: 17
Canadian Championships and sport goals: To make the final in all my events and place top 5 in the 6km. My goals in the sport are to compete internationally and get others involved in the sport.
Other interests and hobbies: Fishing, fishing, and more fishing.
Role model: My mother. She has always been there for me. I can't thank her enough for driving me to all the 6am practices, and all the little things that most people don't see.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: When the starter calls 1 minute to start, I always dip bolth of my hands in the water, and then dry them off right before I start every race.
Highest achievement: Placing 9th in the 6km at nationals, when at the start of the race my paddle came apart and twisted every time I took a hard stroke. I had to catch up from last place. My coach always tells me "never give up."
Events: U17 K-1 6000; U17 K-1 1000; U17 K-2 1000; U17 K-4 1000; Open K-4 200; U17 K1- 200; U19 K-2 200  

Alex Brent (Ridge CKC)

Alex-Brent Hometown: Dewdney
Age: 19
Canadian Championships goals: Have some good races, and pickup some hardware along the way.
Other interests and hobbies: My hobbies and interests are paddling.
Role models: I don't think you can attribute any one person as having a greater impact then another on my life. A plethora of athletes, coaches, and individuals have contributed to making me the person I am today.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: I have a lucky pair of spandex that I've worn in all my major competitions whether it be, world championships, national team trials, or Youth Olympics
Highest achievement: When me and my k-2 partner Scott Braddon were 8th in the A final at Junior World championships. We hadn't won a single race leading up to the championships and when we won the semi final to qualify us in the A final it was surreal.
Events: U19 K-1 1000; U19 K-2 1000; U19 K-4 1000; U19 K-1 500; U19 K-2 500

Isaiah Buist (Kamloops CKC)

isaiah-buist Hometown: Kamloops
Age: 17
About Isaiah: This is my third season kayaking. I'm super excited to be racing way across the country, and I look forward to seeing
where I stand against fellow Canadians. My goal at Nationals is to reach level 4 in Provincial time standards, and I can't wait to race!
Events: U17 K-1 6000; U17 K-1 1000; U17 K-2 1000; Open K-4 200; U17 K-1 200; U19 K-2 200

Matao Buist (Kamloops CKC)

Matao-Buist Hometown: Kamloops
Age: 15
About Matao: I have been paddling for 4 seasons and competed on the provincial level for 3. Kayaking has taught me how to train and work hard as well as stay in shape and set goals for myself. I have also learned that the only way to improve is through hard work and never missing a practice "to be the best you must train harder than the best" as coach Stan says.
Events: U17 K-1 6000; U16 K-1 1000; U17 K-2 1000; U16 K-1 200; U19 K-2 200

Stuart Chase (Pitt Meadows PC, False Creek RCC)

Stuart-Chase Hometown: Vancouver
Age: Pushing 37
Canadian Championships goals: Podiums in both Parakayak and Paracanoe
Other interests and hobbies: Spending time with my wife and kids, making YouTube videos (yeah, that's a thing, I swear), playing outdoors in any capacity and loving my work (Director of Marketing and Communications for the Make-A-Wish Foundation).
Family members in sport: My wife (Kate Ballem) won two gold, two silver and a bronze in the '97 Canada Summer Games and was the national 1000m champion, racing for Burnaby, the same year.
Role models: My parents were hugely influential on me in the way they focused on effort vs. outcome. As long as my siblings and I were pushing hard and giving it our best, they would always be proud, no matter the result. That went for academics, athletics, and work. In all that I do, I never run out of 'try'. 
Highest achievement: Being called a leader, in a classroom, a locker room, or a board room... that is what I consider as a highest acheivement, with or without medals or trophies to back that up. Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
Events: Open K-1 200 (LTA); Open V-1 200 (LTA, TA, A)

Lauryn Cheung (Fort Langley CC)

  Events: U17 K-1 6000; Jr K-2 1000; Jr K-2 500; Jr K-4 500; U17 K-1 500; Jr K-2 200; Open K-4 200; U17 K-1 200

Meghan Cheung (Fort Langley CC)

Meghan-Cheung Hometown: Langley
Age: 20
Canadian Championships goals: Make the final in k4
Other interests and hobbies: Swimming, coaching, volleyball
Family members in sport: My sister and I have competed together at the past 3 Nationals.
Role models: I think my parents dedication and volunteerism have had the biggest impact on my life. I try to give as much as they do in what I do.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: I have to sing a silly song in my head.
Highest achievement: When my swimmers qualified for a big competition that we had worked a whole season towards.
Events: Jr K-1 500; Jr K-4 500; Jr K-1 200; Jr K-2 200; Open K-4 200

Shon Cottrill (Pitt Meadows PC)

  Events: Open K-1 200 (LTA)

Patrick Dann (Chinook RCC)

  Events: Jr K-1 500; Jr K-2 500; Jr K-1 200; Jr K-2 200

Coen del Valle (Chinook RCC)

  Events: Jr K-2 500; U19 K-1 500; Jr K-2 200; U19 K-1 200

Alexander Demishkevich (Kamloops CKC)

  Events: U17 C-1 6000; U17 C-1 1000; U17 C-2 1000; U19 C-1 500; U19 C-2 500; U17 C-1 200; U19 C-2 200

Wesley Hammer (Burnaby CKC)

  Events: Jr K-1 500

Elliot Hoyt (Fort Langley CC)

Elliot-Hoyt Hometown: Fort Langley
Age: 26
Canadian Championships goals: My goal for the Canadian Championship is to post PB times and advance to a final.
Other interests and hobbies: Skiing
Role models: My family. Without their support I could never have gotten as far as I have in this sport or in life.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: The deck number must always be all the way back in the number holder. More for safety and sweet racing pics than superstition though.
Highest achievement: Being a member of the 2009 Canada Summer Games Team.
Events: Jr K-1 1000; Jr K-1 500; Jr K-1 200

Matthew Koehler (Ridge CKC)

Matthew-Koehler Hometown: Maple Ridge
Age: 18
Canadian Championships goals: To achieve medals in all team boats, and to make the finals in all K1 races.
Other interests and hobbies: Cars, Music, and Hockey.
Role models: Usain Bolt has inspired me to go faster. Other than him my family impacts and helps me be successful.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: Sask Stretch
Highest achievement: Winning the Junior K1 1000m at National Team Trials.
Events: U19 K-1 1000; U19 K-2 1000; U19 K-4 1000; U19 K-1 500; U19 K-2 500

Michael Lanyon (Kamloops CKC)

  Events: U17 K-1 1000; U17 K-2 1000; U17 K-4 1000; Open K-4 200; U17 K-1 200; U19 K-2 200

Zaffia Laplante (Fort Langley CC)

 CKBC-logo Hometown: North Bay, ON
Age: 19
Canadian Championships goals: I'm aiming to make the finals in both C1 and C2.
Other interests and hobbies: I love hiking and traveling around BC, there is so much to do its awesome!
Family members in sport: Both my dad and uncle grew up paddling and my sister and I have been racing at nationals since 2009.
Role model: Tamas Buday Sr has made a huge impact on my life both on and off the water. He has always been so positive and has really helped me with many technical components of my stroke.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: No not really, I just like to get in the zone listening to music!
Highest achievement: Winning the Tamas Buday Sr Trophy last nationals in Halifax! Such an honor receiving this trophy named after one of the greats!
Events: Jr C-2 500; Jr K-4 500; U19 C-1 500; Jr C-2 200; Open K-4 200; U19 C-1 200

Katrina Loutet (Burnaby CKC)

Kat-Loutet-Burnaby Hometown: Burnaby
Age: 15
Canadian Championships goals: Get some PBs, try my best and mantain a positive attitude!
Other interests and hobbies: Reading, volleyball, ultimate
Family members in sport: My twin sister Sam will be competing in C-1 events.
Role models: My coach Wes is my role model because he always demonstrates hardwork both on and off the water. Additionally, Lisa Carrington and Emilie Fournel are two Olympic kayakers that I aspire to be like.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: Listening to music!
Highest achievement: Medals at 2014 and 2016 BC Games
Events: U17 K-1 6000; U16 K-1 200

Samantha Loutet (Burnaby CKC)

Sam-Loutet Hometown: Burnaby
Age: 15
Canadian Championships goals: My goals for Canadian National Championships are to make a final and possibly even place top five in a singles event. Hopefully.
Other interests and hobbies: Besides paddling I also play soccer, and in my free time I like to read and binge watch Friends on Netflix.
Family members in sport: My twin sister Katrina is also competing at Nationals in K1 events.
Role model: One of my biggest role models is my coach Wes because he has incredible work ethic and puts all of himself into everything he does.
Highest achievement: I think one of my biggest achievements is qualifying for Western Canada Summer Games last year. I was able to grab two medals in U19 races, which is pretty cool.
Events: U17 C-1 6000, U16 C-1 1000; U16 C-1 200

Brian Malfesi (Ridge CKC)

  Events: Sr K-1 1000; Sr K-1 500

Verna McNichol (Ridge CKC)

Verna-McNichol Hometown: Langley
Canadian Championships goals: Have fun no matter what I place in the races.
Other interests and hobbies: Church, astronomy, strength training, running, cooking gourmet foods.
Role model: Jennifer Mak. Business consultant. Her training helped me to improve my finances and my personal life.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: Praying to God for myself to enjoy the race.
Highest achievements: Nationals 2013 in Montreal - Masters Women K1 500m - reached my personal best. BCIT - Database and Structured Query Language course - 90% grade even though I was over 40 and the rest of the class was in their 20s. Whitewater kayaking - being able to perform an Eskimo roll. Sea kayaking - Paddle Canada Level 1 certification. Surf skiing - being able to remount by myself.
Event: Master K-1 500

Quinn Phare (Kamloops CKC, Pemberton CA)

Quinn-Phare Hometown: Pemberton
Age: 15
Canadian Championships goals: To do the best I possibly can.
Other interests and hobbies: Other sports like basketball
Role models: My family have impacted my life the most. They drive me to every practice and are always at every event and have supported me through out my entire paddling career.
Highest achievement: Going to worlds for outrigger
Events: U17 C-1 6000; U16 C-1 1000; U17 C-2 1000; U19 C-2 500; U16 C-1 200; U19 C-2 200

Emily Raymond (Fort Langley CC)

  Events: Jr K-2 1000; Jr C-2 500; Jr K-2 500; Jr K-4 500; Jr C-2 200; Open K-4 200

Spencer Robinson (Kamloops CKC)

Spencer-Robinson Hometown: Kamloops
Age: 16
Canadian Championships and sport goals: To make finals in K1 200m and 1000m and to set new best times in team boats. My goal is to push as far as I can in the sport.
Other interests and hobbies: Downhill skiing, swimming and metal work
Role model: Adam Van Koeverden is my role model. I admire his technique and determination.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: I always submerge my hands and paddle in the water before each race.
Highest achievement: Making a CKBC level 3 time standard for K1 500m
Events: U16 K-1 1000; U17 K-2 1000; U17 K-4 1000; Open K-4 200; U16 K-1 200; U19 K-2 200

Hana Ronayne (Kamloops CKC, Pemberton CA)

Hana-Ronayne Hometown: Pemberton
Canadian Championships goals: My goals for the Canadian Championships is to podium in the C1 200m event and make the U17 C2 500m final with Anna Zhang
Other interests and hobbies: I enjoy hiking, cooking and reading
Role model: The person who has the greatest impact on my life is my mom Lea, she has supported me throughout the seasons and never fails to be at a race.
Pre-race rituals or superstitions?: I always dip my front foot in the water before any race
Highest achievement: Qualifying for level 3 provincial time standards in both the 1000m and 200m events.
Events: U17 C-1 6000; U16 C-1 1000; U19 C-2 1000; U17 C-2 500; U16 C-1 200

Sebastian Sorescu (Ridge CKC)

Sebastian-Sorescu Hometown: Maple Ridge
Age: 19
Canadian Championships and sport goals: Medal in team boats for nationals, and become world class in the future
Other interests and hobbies: Most outdoor activities that take me away from civilization and sports that require me to use a lot of energy, as well as reading and hanging out with friends
Family members in sport: My sister participated in previous nationals competiitons
Role model: My role model is Mark de Jonge because he has shown people that with dedication and effort, it is possible to start from behind others and rise to the top of the podium if your heart is up to it
Highest achievement: Junior Mens K-2 200m National Champion with Brian Malfesi
Events: U19 K-4 1000; U19 K-1 500; U19 K-2 500: U19 K-1 200; U 19 K-2 200

Corey Stewart (Pitt Meadows PC)

Corey-Stewart Hometown: Maple Ridge
Age: 24
Canadian Championships goals: Always to beat my BPT & medal to the best of my abilities
Other interests and hobbies: Cooking & swimming
Role model: Coach Brian - mentor, support worker, big brother
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: Lining up and just thinking 'I'll have a good race'. I stare straight ahead to the end of my lane.
Highest achievement: Winning two gold at nationals in 2014 in ID & Para
Events: Open K-1 200 (I.D); Open K-1 200 (LTA)

Aiden Tabata (Kamloops CKC)

Aiden-Tabata Hometown: Kamloops
Age: 16
Canadian Championships goals: To make finals.
Other interests and hobbies: Video games.
Family members in sport: My sister Nicola competed at 2010 Nationals in Regina.
Role model: Coach Marek's success as an athlete is inspiring for our athletes. He encourages us to give our best effort.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: I listen to music to mentally prepare for racing.
Highest achievement: I competed in two BC Summer Games and medalled at both events.
Events: U16 K-1 1000; U17 K-2 1000; U17 K-4 1000; U16 K-1 200; U19 K-2 200

Daniel Thomson (Kamloops CKC)

  Events: Master C-1 1000; Jr C-1 500; Jr C-1 200

Justin Won (Ridge CKC)

  Events: U19 K-1 1000; U19 K-4 1000; U19 K-1 500; U19 K-2 500; U19 K-1 200; U19 K-2 200

Anna Zhang (Kamloops CKC, False Creek RCC)

Anna-Zhang Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 16
Canadian Championships goals: I want to get some personal bests and have a good time.
Other interests and hobbies: I really like biking everywhere, bouldering (indoors), and exploring new places.
Role models: My coaches have had the biggest impact on my life. Diane was the one who first got me into the sport and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Laurence has also played a major part in my life along with Diane spending countless hours helping develop me as an athlete and the club. I'm so thankful to be able to have such wonderful people in my life.
Pre-race ritual or superstition?: I don't feel right if I don't eat any ripe bananas on race day.
Highest achievement: Getting bronze in c2 at westerns last year.
Events: U17 C-1 6000; U16 C-1 1000; U19 C-2 1000; U17 C-2 500; U16 C-1 200

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