Canoe Kayak Canada, Sprint Racing Discipline, requires dedicated and competent officials to fulfill various functions at all levels of competition.

The intent of the National Officials Committee (NOC) is to build a team of proficient officials and to standardize the requirements, duties and responsibilities at all levels of officiating in all Divisions within CKC to the extent possible. Each level of officiating expertise is matched to the demands of the competition and in this way, officials are qualified at levels that match their experience and ability.

The Divisional Officials Coordinators (DOC) are an extension of the National Officials Committee into the Divisions and act as a liaison between the NOC and the Division, inter alia. The DOCs are appointed or elected by their respective Divisions. The "Officials Manual" details all the information and is based on CKC Sprint Racing Discipline Competition Rules, and the Code of Safety, as amended from time to time.

Canoe Kayak BC invites you to volunteer as an official at regattas. Many positions are very easily learned and there will be courses given throughout the year for those who wish to progress further. Each club should have a rulebook for you to borrow, the reading of which will enhance your knowledge of the sport and what the people in white are doing. 

For more information contact the Director of Officials.

Officials documents and policies

Sign Up and Availability for Officials and Club Volunteers

The following is the normal complement of Officials for a club or division competition. 

  • Chief Official
  • Chief Finish Line Judge
  • Competition Secretary
  • Finish line judges
  • Timer
  • Announcer
  • Referees (minimum 2)
  • Turn Point Umpire (long distance races)
  • Starter(s)
  • Boat drivers
  • Video operator

The top management of each competition shall be in the hands of the Competition Committee which shall consist of: 

  • Chief Official
  • Chief Finish Line Judge
  • Competition Secretary

Officials Certification

Get your Pleasure Craft Operators Card now!  It is mandatory and must be shown before acting as an official.

The Levels of accreditation a person requires to qualify for appointment as an Official are:

  • Level I (Club) - only members of one club participating, appointed/recruited by club officials representative 
  • Level II (Local) - competitions within the Division, appointed/recruited by DOC;
  • Level III (Divisional/Provincial) - competitions within the Division/Province including the BC Summer Games, appointed/recruited by the DOC
  • Level IV (National) - national canoe/kayak championships, Canada Games, Western Canada Summer Games - appointment by the Sprint Racing Council upon recommendation of the NOC;
  • Level V (International) - international competitions such as the Olympic Games, World Championships - nominated by CanoeKayak Canada 

Each level has a set of skills and performance standards that must be evaluated before accreditation is granted.
There are three phases to the process of gaining National Accreditation:

  • written examination,
  • oral examination, and
  • practical assessment.

The minimum requirements to apply for the National Accredited Official examination are to be not less than 20 years of age or more than 65 years of age, successfully completed Level III, where applicable, and have demonstrated competence at various roles as an on-land and/or on-water official. Candidate Officials apply to CKC through their Provincial Sport Organization to write the examination (prior to December 30th each year) and after review by the NOC, a convenient time is arranged to sit the examination and, if successful, an oral examination immediately follows. The practical assessment is performed in the Division. Details are outlined in the "Officials Manual".



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