Course Fees

Community Kayak Instructor 1 - Pool $200                                                                
Community Kayak Instructor 1 - Flat Water (NCCP Level 1) $250
Community Kayak Instructor 1 - Pool and Flat Water Combination $325
Swiftwater Rescue and Safety $300
Kayak Leader 2 - River $250
Kayak Leader 3 - Whitewater $300
Kayak Instructor 2 / Leader 2 - River (NCCP Level 2) $400
Kayak Instructor 3 / Leader 3 - Whitewater $425
Kayak Coach 1 - Introduction to Competition (NCCP Level 2) $300
Kayak Coach 2 - Development (NCCP Level 3) $400
Kayak Coach 3 - High Performance (NCCP Level 4) $400
Elite High Performance Coach (NCCP Level 5) TBD
Learning Facilitator/ Course Conductor Certification (per day, course specific) $200
Re-Certification (per day, course specific) $200

Administration Fees

Course fees include an administrative component which covers the costs of registration and maintenance of certification both provincially and nationally:

Kayak Instructor 1 - Pool $90                                                                                                                            
Kayak Instructor 1 - Open Water $100
Combo Pool & Flat Water $120
Kayak Leader 2 $120
Kayak Leader 3 $120
Kayak Instructor 2 / Leader 2 $120
Kayak Instructor 3 / Leader 3 $120
Swiftwater Resue and Safety $60
Kayak Coach 1 - 4 $120

Certifications are valid for three years. Payment of a $120 certification fee in a calendar year for any course means the administration fee will not have to be paid for second and subsequent courses .  Exceptions to this are the Pool and Swiftwater Rescue courses. When possible, courses will be offered at a lower cost if/when grants or other subsidies are available.


Membership Fees

In order to be considered "certified” Instructors and coaches must be a member of CanoeKayak BC, and must pay the "coaches” membership fee of $25 per year. Trip Leaders are only required to pay the "non-competitive” membership fee of $9 per year.  Please note that clubs may levy additional general membership fees on top of the base CanoeKayak BC fees.

The above administration fees and coaches membership is optional for those who wish to take these courses for personal improvement only, and do not require recognition of their certification and registration either provincially and nationally.  An individual "non-competitive” membership, at a cost of $9 per year, is required. 

Group Rates

At the discretion of the course provider, discounts may be provided where organizations such as academic institutions or government agencies, regularly organize groups of multiple participants.  The maximum discounts to be provided are:

6 or more participants – 10% discount
9 or more participants – 15% discount

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