CanoeKayak BC – Whitewater is committed to providing the highest quality coach and instructor training programs, consistent with those outlined by the national sports organization, CanoeKayak Canada - Whitewater

As such, many of our programs lead to certification under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) administered by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC).

Since the early 1980’s there has been a national competency-based program for whitewater coaching instruction. This program has been implemented similarly (though not exactly) in most provinces.

The existing national coaching/instructor program (as implemented in British Columbia) is shown below:

Existing NCCP Model

Beginning around 1997, and continuing today, the Coaching Association of Canada is requiring national sport organizations to restructure their NCCP programs to a competency based model.

In June 2006, representatives from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Whitewater Canada (now CanoeKayak Canada) and the Coaching Association of Canada met in Ottawa.

The goal was to develop a new model for whitewater canoe/kayak coaching and instruction which would address the needs of the provincial organizations for a more practical and comprehensive certification program; and integrate the required NCCP theory programs into the courses while addressing the requirements of the new NCCP structure mandated by CAC.

This new "NCCP Leadership Development Model” was approved by CanoeKayak Canada / Whitewater Canada at the Annual General Meeting on May 5, 2007. The courses are currently being finalized, and pilots are being run, in order to secure CAC approval. Until CAC approval is obtained, NCCP certification is only available through the "old” program that currently exists. However, some provinces such as BC and Alberta have proceeded with implementation of the new model, since some courses are equivalent to the old ones, and NCCP certification can still be obtained (theory requirements must still be met). For those courses where there is no equivalent, records are being maintained provincially, and will be submitted to CAC once the courses are approved over the next few years.

In the interests of consistency with Alberta, and in recognition that the new program will be of greater benefit to our members, CanoeKayak BC – Whitewater is implementing the new leadership development model in British Columbia. Although it is not fully rolled out yet, the new leadership model is shown below (click here for a larger version):

New NCCP Model

Key aspects of the new program include:

  • Separate streams for "Community Sport”, "Instruction”, and "Competition”, for more focused courses that better meet the needs of participants
  • No need to meet separate "theory”, "technical”, and "practical” requirements, they are all combined in the new courses
  • Competency based; you can enter the program at your appropriate competency level, without having to take prerequisite courses
  • Training and Evaluation does not necessarily have to take place within a structured "course” format. Once training has been completed, Certified "Learning Facilitators” can evaluate candidates informally
  • Re-certification does not have to be through a structured "course” format, but can be through workshops, symposiums, or other professional development activities
  • If a candidate does not meet all requirements during a course, it may not be necessary to take the entire course over; supplemental training or evaluation can usually be arranged to address the area of concern
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