Instructor/Coach Certification Requirements

In order to maintain certification, and receive insurance coverage for instructional and coaching activities, instructors and coaches are required to:

  • Pay the annual coach's membership fee of $25, and be a member in good standing
  • Be 19 years of age or older (may assist another instructor if under 19)
  • Maintain current First Aid and CPR certification (alternatively, instructors/coaches may arrange to have someone who is certified present at all times during instruction/practices)
  • Successfully complete the "Make Ethical Decisions" online evaluation at 
  • Maintain a log of courses taught, and submit to Canoe Kayak BC annually, or as requested.
  • Coach and/or instruct only to the level for which you are certified.
  • Coach and instruct in accordance with the Canoe Kayak BC / Canoe Kayak Canada methods
  • Follow, and promote, the Canoe Kayak Canada Leadership Development Model
  • Follow, and promote, the Canoe Kayak Canada Whitewater Code of Safety
  • Re-certification is required every 3 years, and involves attendance at a Canoe Kayak BC instructor/coaches symposium, professional development workshop, and/or re-certification course within the 3 years.
  • NOTE that new and recertifying instructors must be evaluated teaching real beginners to satisfy the Coaching Association of Canada (NCCP) and to be considered "certified" versus "trained"

Trip Leader Certification Requirements

In order to maintain certification, and receive insurance coverage for trips, trip leaders are required to:

  • Pay the annual other membership fee of $9, and be a member in good standing
  • Lead trips only up to the class of whitewater for which you are certified
  • Conduct trips in general accordance with the methods outlined in the Kayak Leader courses
  • Follow, and promote, the Canoe Kayak Canada - Whitewater Code of Safety

Learning Facilitator (Course Conductor) Certification Requirements

  • Follow all requirements above that apply to instructors and coaches
  • Must be trained and certified in all courses/levels that you wish to certify others for 
  • Train new instructors only up to one level below your own certification, unless you have achieved the highest level available in that stream
  • Following all administrative requirements as specified by CKBC-W (below)
  • Must have been an active instructor or coach for at least two years, prior to being a Learning Facilitator (LF) candidate 
  • Learning Facilitators (LF’s) are certified by Master LF’s (MLF's) after taking an LF course or workshop, and co-teaching at least one course at a high level of competency
  • Master LF’s are certified by a committee of existing Master LF’s, after having been certified at the highest level available in a particular stream (i.e. NCCP L4 or L5 for competitive coaches), having 3 years experience as an LF, and having demonstrated exceptional competency.

Recognition of Certification

  • This is a national program, so your certification will be recognized in all other provinces or territories that are members of CanoeKayak Canada – Whitewater.
  • Coaches or instructors from other provinces are expected to be able to provide their CanoeKayak Canada certification card, NCCP coaching passport, or other reasonable evidence of certification.
  • Any NCCP records generated from courses previously run by the WKABC will be recognized. 
  • Certifications from other organizations (i.e. British Canoe Union or American Canoe Association) will not be recognized.


  • Active coaches/instructors who have previously taken WKABC courses will be allowed to re-certify in the new CanoeKayak BC program, for equivalent or similar courses.  i.e. you only have to re-take the entire course once for the price of a one day recertification.  Subsequent recertifications require that you just attend a re-certification workshop or one day of a course.
  • Coaches/instructors who have a current NCCP certification under the "old” system (i.e. from WKABC or other province) will be considered certified as a Trip Leader, up to the class of whitewater consistent with their old NCCP certification:
    • NCCP Level 1 – Class I – flatwater or flat moving water
    • NCCP Level 2 – Class I-II whitewater

If these individuals wish to lead trips on higher classes of whitewater, they will be expected to take the Kayak Leader 2 or Kayak Leader 3 course in the "new” system.

  • When re-certifying, all of the new Kayak Leader material for the appropriate level will be covered, i.e. when someone with NCCP Level 2 re-certifies, they will cover the new Kayak Leader 2 (good for class I-III) and Kayak Instructor 2 content.

CKBC and Learning Facilitator Course Administration Requirements

For regular scheduled courses Canoe Kayak BC- Whitewater (CKBC-W) will:

  • Publicize course schedule on the Canoe Kayak BC website
  • Provide on-line registration and payment using Sportical 
  • Post a current list of Learning Facilitators and Evaluators on the website
  • Provide course manuals and resource materials to Learning Facilitator for distribution at the course
  • Arrange accommodation for the Learning Facilitator(s) if required
  • Upon completion of course, issue payment to Learning Facilitator, at the rate of $30 per hour as recommended by the Coaches Association of Canada. 
  • Reimburse the Learning Facilitator for expenses and travel
  • Forward Completed Course Report forms to CanoeKayak Canada
  • Maintain course records in the CKBC-W database
  • Issue CKBC-W / CanoeKayak Canada certification cards to participants

The Learning Facilitator (Course Conductor) is responsible for:

    • Arriving at the course location on time and fully prepared
    • Communicating course expectations/requirements to all participants
    • Distributing participant manuals and other resource materials provided by CKBC-W
    • Having all participants sign a CKBC-W waiver, and fill out a Participant Profile form
    • Preparing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for each course given
    • Provide program evaluation forms to participants at end of course
    • Within 10 days of course completion, submitting to CKBC-W the following:
      • Completed NCCP course report eform (electronic)
      • Completed course marking sheet (theory and practical)
      • Signed waiver forms
      • Completed participant profile forms
      • Completed incident report forms (as required)
      • Expense and travel claim form or invoice (as required)
      • Sportical report summary

For Canoe Kayak BC-Whitewater courses, the Master Learning Facilitator (MLF) will:

  • Coordinate course dates, locations and LF's and ensure courses are listed on website 
  • Provide course outlines and pre-course materials for LF's to use pre and during courses 
  • Arrange annual or biennial symposia for LF's to attend 
  • Ensure key course documentation is up to date and available to LF's
  • Help to maintain an accurate database of current LF's and Evaluators in BC 
  • Provide updates related to course instruction
  • Add course details to CKBC-W website via SportiCal
  • Address any issues related to course participants
  • Strive to ensure that CKBC's Whitewater Code of Safety and the NCCP Code of Ethics is adhered to by all LF's and course participants

Database administration by CKBC-W includes:

  • NCCP course report eforms will be filed electronically
  • Program evaluation forms submitted by participants will be filed electronically with the NCCP form scan and electronic course report form
  • Excel spreadsheets will be downloaded from the CAC database twice per year, listing all NCCP records
  • Records in the CAC database will be verified against NCCP forms and corrections requested if errors are noted
  • Excel spreadsheets will also be updated with all non-NCCP course data, as per course report forms submitted by instructors
  • The complete spreadsheet will be put on the CKBC website (secure coaches resource area)
  • Separate spreadsheets may be provided for LF (course conductor) records

To check your NCCP certification, either log in to the secure coaches resource area, or go to the Coaches Association of Canada.

Access to the secure coaches resource area is limited to individuals who have paid the CanoeKayak BC – Whitewater annual coach's membership fee of $25.   If you are a member and have not received your username and password, contact

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