Rutherford 'News/Updates' 2009

    • CKBC - Whitewater committee meeting on Jan 16, 2009 at Harry Jerome Rec Centre.  Open to all members, presented Rutherford initial draft management plan.
    • Rutherford Draft Management plan posted on CKBC website Feb 3, 2009 for public comment
    • Erin Hart contacted key members of the Squamish paddling community via e-mail on March 30, 2009.  Paddlers contacted were Paul Nilsen, Bryan Smith, John Harvey, Dave Berrisford, Karl Sutherland, Dave Hamlin, Chris Bozman, Don Jamieson
    • Erin Hart contacted key members of the Whistler & Pemberton paddling community vie e-mail on April 8, 2009.  Paddlers contacted were Harry Housser, Marty Gautrey, Don Butler, Josh Fairbrother.
    • Site meeting at Rutherford on May 16, 2007.  Attendees were Erin Hart, Marty Gautrey, Don Butler, Josh Fairbrother, Bob Noldner.  Discussions centered around making the course safer at the bottom, specifically by creating a 'diversion' into the polo/coaching pool.
    • May 29, 2009 - Erin toured Rutherford site with potential excavator operator.  Recorded video of river running at full (18 CMS) and then 13.5 - 14 and then 6.5 (approximate level the BC Championships were run at)
    • June 9-10, 2009 - E-mail & phone conversation between Erin Hart, Scott Shipley, David Ford, Andrew Mylly and Sam Mottram. Also accessed original course sketches & drawings from Sam Mottram (Engineer from Knight Piesold Ltd).  Conversation with Scott Shipley confirmed the idea of implementing a 'wing wall/berm' at the bottom of the course.  This idea reinforced by David Ford.
    • June 24, 2009 - Erin granted permission from Andrew Mylly and Richard Blanchet to start modifications on the Rutherford.  Erin sourced Black Tusk Crane to move 4500 lb cement blocks into river bottom.
    • June 27, 2009 - Erin Hart, Marty Gautrey, Josh Fairbrother, Bob Noldner on site with Black Tusk Crane & Badger Industries moving cement blocks from top of course, down to bottom and putting them into place.  (Pictures to follow).
    • After placing approximatley 30 blocks (as a test), water was released into the course at approximately 9.5 CMS.  2 sets of blocks fell over with the water test!!  (That's 9000 lbs of cement being pushed over!!)  The 'Wing Wall/Berm' concept works great but needs some modifications. It's intention of diverting swimmers, boats, other floating debris into the polo/coaching pool worked very well.  It also created a nice upstream current on river left to let paddlers access an easy eddy.  This changed when the 2 sets of blocks fell over.   Erin to consult with Scott Shipley and David Ford to make necessary changes.
    • July 3/09 meeting with Andrew Mylly, Richard Blanchet & Erin Hart to discuss vision going forward.
    • July 5/09 - Link to Innergex site for real-time flow data: 
    • July 18/09 - Meeting at river site with David Ford, Don Gamache & Erin Hart.  Discussion of changes to enhance safety at bottom of course.  Planning discussion for BC Championships to be held Aug 8 & 9/09 at Rutherford facility.  30-70 paddlers from across Canada expected to attend.
    • July 30/09 - On site meeting of Scott Shipley, Andrew Mylley, Erin Hart, Richard Blanchet.  Scott made recommendations to Erin & Andrew as to how to finish the 'wing wall' at the bottom of the course as well as what other changes that can be made. 


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