A RubleeAaron Rublee started paddling in Kamloops before moving to other clubs for training.

A multiple World Cup canoe medalist and a member of Canada's World Championships teams, he is now completing his Economics degree in Ottawa. 

When and why were you in B.C.?

I lived in BC until I moved to Regina in 2005

What are your paddling career highlights and accomplishments?

  • Represented my country in multiple international Regattas
  • Member of Burloak Canoe Club
  • Member of Wascana Racing Canoe Club
  • Member of Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club

What is your favourite paddling moment?

My favourite moments in paddling are the rare occasions when my preparations for a race and my execution of that race resulted in crossing the finish line first. As well as racing with partners and team mates in team events.

What are you doing now ?

I am completing my degree in Economics.

Are you still involved in the paddle sports? If yes, how?

I always look for ways to help other athletes and pass on any experiences and unsolicited advice that I have.

What impact did paddling in B.C. have on you professionally and personally?

  • Paddling in BC gives you a wonderful perspective on the hard work needed to achieve an success in sport.
  • The BC environment is somewhat isolated from the rest of CKC so the community and athletes have to be a little more self sufficient and self reliant.
  • The beautiful natural environment is also a very good setting to provide some perspective. Helping the athletes to realize that Sport is supposed to be enjoyable and that outcome isn't the most important thing.

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