P Gagon

Like many Eastern Canadians, Patrice Gagnon moved to B.C. to train and enjoy paddling year round. His plan paid off as his slalom career culminated at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics where he finished 21st. He also represented Canada at nine World Championships and is a national champion. Now a pilot based out of Vancouver Airport, this CKBC Legend continues to enjoy being connected to nature through paddling.

When and why were you in B.C.?

  • All year kayaking lifestyle from 1981 to 1992, training on the Chilliwack River.

What are your paddling career highlights and accomplishments?

  • National champion, 1992 Olympic Games, 1983 to 1991 world championship.

What is your favourite paddling moment?

  • Skookumchuck narrows... Surfing.

What are you doing now (professionally, personally)?

  • Commercial airline pilot for Jazz Aviation at the Vancouver Airport.

Are you still involved in the paddle sports? If yes, how?

  • Yes, mostly sea-kayaking and river running. Family expedition and canoe camping.

What impact did paddling in B.C. have on you professionally and personally?

  • Paddling in BC has allowed me to discover special places that are only reachable with kayak or canoe. These experiences have framed my absolute need to connect with nature in a spiritual way. When I paddle down a pristine river the sounds, smells and forces of the current blends together in an harmonious way. It makes me feel alive and in control of my life. I have learned to apply this gift on my personal and professional life.

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