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Kamloops's Zach Morgan began paddling when he was eight at a summer camp. Hooked on paddling from the start, he represented BC at two Western Canada Summer Games and the 2013 Canada Summer Games where he won bronze. After almost moving to Ottawa to train, he remained in Kamloops after coach Stanislav Markek's arrival in 2013. 

Here is Zach's paddling story in his own words.

Three things I'm most proud of in my paddling career

  • The first is my C2 race at Nationals in Montreal. I felt like I had never pushed my body that hard and the results paid off.
  • I was also really proud of my C1-1000m race. I wanted to win that race and was nervous. The results would determine if I would be selected to go to the Olympic Hopes Regatta in Prague, Czech Republic. I overcame my nerves and won it.
  • The third moment was being selected for the Olympic Hopes team. I loved representing Canada and wearing the swag. I was happy with my 5th place finish and learned a lot from paddling at that level.

So many good memories

  • Growing up on the water. I started paddling when I was eight when I went to a summer camp. There were only four of us in the camp and I was determined to stay up in a racing kayak.After we finished the camp, our leader told us about a regatta which happened to be the Western Canadian Championships. I wanted to try racing in it. I remember loving it and being hooked on the sport.
  • When I was young my parents took us to every regatta they could find and they always tell me that in between each race they would find me on the water practicing.
  • Shumway Lake was the perfect place to grow up. I can’t even count how many hours I would have spent training on that lake.
  • Another favorite memory was going with Ontario to their spring training camp. It was awesome to have new kinds of workouts and learn how other athletes train. I met so many people and loved the environment to train with other people.
  • One other favorite memory was at Nationals in Montreal when coach Stan thought it would be a good idea to throw me in the water as part of our medal celebrations. He and his cousin Jonas tried to throw me in but I managed to get Stan in the water before me. That is hard to do considering his size.

I miss paddling and am looking at getting back to it with the idea of setting different goals for now. Goals that keep focused on having more fun and staying fit. I recently bumped into Adam Van Koeverden in Nicaragua and wondered if it was a sign.

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