Canoe Kayak BC's COVID-19 Continuity Strategy 

Based upon the best selling book "The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy" by Jon Gordon

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As some may not be aware of, CKBC’s Strategic plan expired in April 2020. Due to COVID-19 the Board of Directors chose to delay the development of a new plan until we knew more about COVID-19. Immediately in April the organization began a COVID-19 strategy that focussed on cutting costs, and weathering the pandemic. Now nine months later with lots of learnings, CKBC has chosen to put forth an interim strategy/focus for us to manage our business until we have an understanding of what the new normal will be after this pandemic.

This COVID-19 Continuity Strategy is based upon the Book The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon and will allow us to lead our organization, sport, and recreational activities through the balance of the pandemic, and focus on the things that matter most.

As we are a government funded organization the focus/goals identified in this COVID-19 Continuity Strategy have been influenced by the goals and objectives of the Sport Sector, our Province, and CKBC’s Board/Staff as well as our expired strategic plan. We hope that all CKBC Members will work together to focus on these goals both personally and with your club.


Download a copy of the COVID-19 Continuity Plan based upon The Energy Bus

The 10 Rules to Live By For CKBC

Rule #1 - You’re the driver of your bus

  • What kind of ride is it going to be?
    • Challenges present opportunities
    • There is a lot of change to the way we participate in sport, and this change occurs rapidly. 
    • Budgets are tight, funding is unknown. 

Rule #2 - Desire, Vision, and Focus move your bus in the right direction

  • What vision and focus do we have to get our bus going in the right direction?
    • CKBC’s Desire
      We Paddle. The sport and recreation for all families, communities, and achieve success at all levels of competition. 
    • CKBC’s Vision
      • Achievement -  We embrace the thrill of personal  and club accomplishments. 
      • Collaboration - We are united in purpose.
      • Excellence - We strive for excellence in our organization, our people and our performance. 
      • Inclusion - We create a safe environment for all abilities and disciplines. 
      • Integrity - We stand up for what is right. Fairplay, Trust & Accountability. 
  • CKBC’s Focus Through the Pandemic
    • Health and Safety for Everyone is our #1 Priority.
    • New focus on "Culture". A positive approach to management will get us through.
    • Support our volunteers to try and make their jobs easier 
    • Focus on recreation and healthy active living. 
    • Modified High Performance Programming. 

Rule #3 - Fuel your ride with Positive Energy

    • Positive pledge culture - create positive progress. Turn negatives into positives as a means of growth and sustainability of our sport. 

Rule #4 - Invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead

    • Communicate your Vision, Focus & Goals 

Rule #5 - Don’t waste energy on those who don’t get on your bus

    • There will always be people who don’t want to ride your bus, or be part of your team. Don’t take it personally. 

Rule #6 - Post a sign on your bus that says “No Energy Vampires”

    • We need to eliminate any negativity and strive towards our focus and goals.

Rule #7 - Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes during the ride

    • Share enthusiasm  and communicate it. Our Positivity needs to be stronger than the negativity.

Rule #8 - Love your passengers

    • Make time for our members. 
    • Listen to tour members and their needs 
    • Recognize unique and creative ideas for sustainability.
    • Bring out the best in everyone. 

Rule #9 - Drive with purpose

    • This is a people building business and paddling is our vehicle. If we invest in people we will reap the rewards. 

Rule #10 - Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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Canoe Kayak BC is the Provincial Sport Organization for the paddle sports and actively encourages and provides opportunities to enjoy, participate and excel in them. Members include competitive athletes, developing athletes, enthusiasts, coaches, officials, administrators and supporters of the sport. The association's mission enourages and promotes personal growth and success for our members through participation and performance in paddle sports.

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