CKBC Strategic Plan

The Canoe Kayak BC Strategic Plan for 2016 through 2020 builds on the successes of the previous planning period and works to better support and deliver programming and services for all members. Canoe Kayak BC will increase participation programs, improve engagement with all paddling disciplines and provide exemplary support for our performance athletes. Our coaches and officials are key elements of the organization and will continue to contribute significantly to the experience enjoyed by all athletes and volunteers. Our member clubs are our foundation and we will endeavour to deliver quality services.

The Canoe Kayak BC 2016-2020 Strategic Plan challenges us to better embrace our whole paddling community as we move to achieve our new Vision.

Our Vision

Our organizational Vision sets out the preferred future for Canoe Kayak BC. It establishes a destination toward which all goals and strategic initiatives will be directed. Looking forward to 2026, Canoe Kayak BC will strive to earn this Vision:

Canoe Kayak BC unites all paddling disciplines

Areas of emphasis and primary goals

  • Participation: including Club Development, Fundamentals, Learn to Train and Active for Live
    • Our goal is to increase membership by 2,000 by 2020
  • Preparation and Performance: including Training to Train, Train to Compete, Competitions, Athlete Services, High Performance Coaching, Partnerships, Facilities & Equipment
    • We will have a progressive increase in success and recognition at national and international levels
  • Technical Development: including recruitment, certification and professional development for coaches and officials
    • We will have full and complete implementation of National Coaching Certification Program and the National Officials Program delivery
  • Organizational Management: including Business Operations and Marketing & Communications
    • Our goal is to achieve 75% membership satisfaction by 2020


Paddle With Us


Canoe Kayak BC is the Provincial Sport Organization for the paddle sports and actively encourages and provides opportunities to enjoy, participate and excel in them. Members include competitive athletes, developing athletes, enthusiasts, coaches, officials, administrators and supporters of the sport. The association's mission enourages and promotes personal growth and success for our members through participation and performance in paddle sports.

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