Whitewater Slalom Canoe/Kayak Coach Job Description

The Chilliwack Centre of Excellence Paddling Club is urgently seeking a whitewater slalom Canoe/Kayak Coach to train our slalom athlete team and lead other club kayak programs and activities.

Our club is located in Chilliwack, in beautiful British Columbia (near Vancouver, in western Canada) and our slalom team currently includes 4 Canadian National Team athletes. We have a large, well-equipped boathouse, a flat-water slalom site and a whitewater slalom training site. Our whitewater slalom site is the location of the August 2020 Canadian Whitewater National Championships.
You can check us out on Facebook [@ccekayak ] and on our website [ccekayak.com].

Primary Roles and Responsibilities
The Coach is responsible for the organization, promotion, delivery and management of club paddling programs, with
major responsibility in the areas of:
1. Planning, coordination and delivery of club instructional and coaching programs
2. Preparation of slalom athletes for local, provincial and national level competitions
3. Maintain and manage a safe paddling environment and facilities
4. Maintain and manage all paddling equipment and club assets
5. Communication with club members (in English)
6. Media Relations and promotion to recruit new club members
7. Working with Canadian Provincial and National canoe/kayak organisations to maintain long-term athlete
development goals, benchmarks and key performance indicators.

Employment Requirements
The Slalom Canoe/Kayak Coach should have the following minimum qualifications, or National equivalent, with clearly demonstrated slalom race and instruction experience. The club will subsidize required certification training.
1. NCCP River Kayak Instructor 2 / Leader 2
2. First Aid with CPR
3. Swiftwater Rescue
4. Driver’s License

The ideal candidate should also have experience working with youth aged 8 and older, as well as a road-worthy vehicle capable of pulling a small boat trailer. The Coach should be versed in safe whitewater paddling practices and must complete all required Canadian safe-sport requirements including a criminal record check. She / he will travel
and stay with the team at club-sanctioned events. She / he is accountable to, and takes direction from, the CCEPC President and Board.

Working Conditions
The Slalom Coach has a flexible work schedule that may include:
• Daytime and evening work
• Regular weekday and weekend activities, and special events
• Regular travel for club activities and canoe/kayak events
Compensation will be based on the revenue generated through the various programming activities, and grants, approximately $32,000-$36,000/ year. The term of employment will initially be 6-12 months, with an option to renew depending on satisfactory performance. We are willing to discuss a club contribution to relocation expenses.

If interested please send resume by email only to: CCEPC.coach.vacancy@gmail.com

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