Blue Ribbon Program

(*** Please note Blue Ribbon Program is on hold in 2021/22 due to COVID-19. ***)


CKBC is proud to put forth the Blue Ribbon program designed to help all clubs within CKBC’s membership to strive to provide the best experience for their clubs and members by providing a minimum standard of club operations. 

CKBC Clubs now have the ability to become “Blue Ribbon Standard” club in up to seven different areas. Ribbons can be granted in one or all of the seven areas. 

Why would you want to be a Blue Ribbon Club?

  • Parents and communities are looking for quality programming for their children. Blue Ribbon is an indicator that your Club is striving to be the best they can be. 
  • People, communities, partners and volunteers give more time to quality clubs and organizations. Blue Ribbon is an indicator your club deserves their attention and consideration.
  • Other sports, and sport governing bodies admire quality organizations. Blue Ribbon Clubs will be ones with “best practices” others will want to replicate and ask advice on how to get there. 
  • In today’s competitive sport landscape, people want to be associated with the best and be the best. Blue Ribbon is an avenue to show your club off, and recruit the finest your community has to offer.

Benefits to becoming Blue Ribbon Certified:

By becoming a Blue Ribbon award winner, CKBC will for your club:

    • Receive an exclusive banner to put on your website and promote your club as a Blue Ribbon Award Winner. 
    • CKBC will recognize all Blue Ribbon award winners on their website.
    • Offer exclusive program opportunities for Blue Ribbon Clubs. 
    • CKBC Awards Ceremony Notice.
    • Be eligible for the CKBC “Club of the Year”.
  • Be eligible to receive a refund to your yearly membership dues.

How the Program Works:

  1. Each January CKBC will announce the Blue Ribbon Program particulars and criteria. There will be mandatory requirements, as well as an option for Clubs to put forth development areas/ideas for Blue Ribbon consideration.
  2. From January to April Clubs work towards the criteria and submit to CKBC as part of submission process. 
  3. CKBC will verify the submissions and that criteria has been met. 
  4. May 1st, CKBC will announce the Blue Ribbon award winners. 
  5. From May until the following April, Clubs will be able to use their Blue Ribbon status as part of the promotion of their clubs.
  6. Each season the Blue Ribbon process starts over.

Blue Ribbon #1 - Club Operating Standards

  • Club is in good standing with CKBC
    • Membership fees are paid, Annual Report, Compliance agreement, Program Information, Board of Directors Information, 
  • Club submits their annual budget.
  • Club submits their bylaws.
  • Club submits their policies.
  • Club submits any other operations and/or procedural documents. 
  • Club attends the CKBC AGM, a minimum of two (2) enhanced services webinars, and the Semi-Annual AGM Conference Call.

Blue Ribbon #2 - Coaching

  • Club submits the name and contact information for their coach(es).
  • Club ensures all coach(es) have proper coaching certification
    • May include NCCP, Paddle Canada, Making Ethical Decisions (MED), Respect in Sport, etc. 
  • Club shows evidence of a coach mentorship program. 

Blue Ribbon #3 - Inclusion and Gender Equity 

  • Club shows evidence of program(s) that promote inclusion.
  • Club shows evidence of program(s) that target female paddlers. 

Blue Ribbon #4 - Long Term Development Plan (LTDP)

  • Club has a Long Term Development (LTDP) plan with parameters as set out by the NCCP program and submits this plan.
  • Club provides evidence of promoting the LTDP within its membership.

Blue Ribbon #5 - Officiating

  • A club must have a minimum of 10 registered officials (Sprint Clubs). 
  • Clubs shows evidence of recruiting officials for the disciplines they offer.
  • Club shows evidence of an officiating mentorship program.

Blue Ribbon #6 - Recruitment

  • Club shows evidence of their Annual Recruitment plan, and submits the plan.
  • Club shows evidence of special initiatives designed to assist recruitment.
  • Club shows evidence of hosting an Open House and registers this Open House with CKBC including relevant reporting structures. 

Blue Ribbon #7 - Safety

  • Club shows evidence and submits its safety plan. 
  • Safety plan to include club safety plan with specific mention to each discipline it serves (i.e. If you host a Sprint Regatta, you have a Regatta specific plan, if you go out on the water for an “evening group paddle” do you have a plan, etc.).
  • Club shows evidence of adopting, promoting and implementing the Safe Sport Policy from CKC.
  • Club ensures all Board, Volunteers, Coaches and any other appropriate people have Criminal Record Checks.   


Program Adjudication:

  • On June 1st of each calendar year each member club will be evaluated based upon the seven areas of the Blue Ribbon program. Member clubs that have met Blue Ribbon standards will receive a refund of up to $200.
    • 1-3 Blue Ribbon Standards met = $100
    • 4-6 Blue Ribbon Standards met = $150
    • 7 blue Ribbon Standards met = $200
  • Variance Requests Process - As CKBC is a multi-discipline organization there are going to be varying degrees of standards for each Blue Ribbon category. For example, a club may not employ a coach. If this is the case, the club may apply for a variance explaining why they are applying for a variance. All variance requests must be applied for in writing by the club’s President/Commodore and will be adjudicated by the CKBC Blue Ribbon Committee.

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