Club Observation Project

The CKBC Club Observation Project is a component of the Enhanced Services program designed to support CKBC Clubs. The program has the vision of assisting clubs in developing their organization in a standardized or best practice fashion so they can spend more time on recruiting new paddlers and less time with day to day operations.

Through webinar, online meetings, and in-person support, clubs will be provided assistance on getting their clubs up to appropriate standards (such as those within the Blue Ribbon program) through the use of best practices from all sports.


Why would you want to do the Club Observation Project?

The Club Observation Project is designed to:

  • Observe the skills and achievements of Club personnel as they undertake their responsibilities. 
  • Encourage communication, collaboration, and interaction internally and externally.
  • Offer support to encourage development essential to progress in respect to club development, and capacity building.
  • Develop consistency from club to club. 
  • Identify areas for improvement and a system / timeline to address these issues.
  • Encourage personnel to give the end users the best possible support. 
  • Determine appropriate actions for the Club.
  • Determine where services within a club need improvement.
  • Develop Best Practices for all members of CKBC.
  • Get assistance to your volunteer board to have a highly efficient club operational model.


The Observation process is arranged in the following manner:

  1. Association Submissions
    1. Status report submissions.
    2. Financial process information submission.
    3. Previous Board Meeting Minutes submission.
    4. Access to Club handbook, constitution, bylaws, policies and/or other procedural documents.
    5. Information on Club special initiatives.
  2. The observation involves observer(s) visiting the Club to:
    1. Observe a Board meeting as well as possibly other Club Meetings.
    2. Conduct interviews with Club Personnel as well as members not including the Board.
    3. View programming or special events and interacting with participants. 
  3. A report is compiled by the Observer(s) including:
    1. Results of the Status Reports and Club Submissions.
    2. Club development items gleaned from interviews.
    3. Operational items taken from Board Meeting Observation
    4. A review of organizational documents. 
  4. The contents of the report with recommendations are discussed with the Club Commodore/President and possibly others at the Commodore/President’s direction.
  5. The Observer(s) may continue their assistance with the club after the observation project is completed. 
  6. The Club has the ability to apply to CKBC for assistance in implementing new club initiatives.

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