National Sport Trust Fund program

CKBC member clubs in good standing and who are also registered as a BC Society, can have tax receipts issue to their donors through the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF).

Steps to using the NSTF

  1. The NSTF in B.C. is managed by Sport BC and they have put together some very important and useful information. This will help you fully understand the program, how it can work for your club, and what steps are required to set up your new fundraising project.
  2. Once you've reviewed the information, complete the project application and submit to CKBC and the NSTF. 
  3. After your project is accepted by the NSTF, begin collecting donations ensuring you use your specific project number or via the online portal on the Sport BC page. Please note, there will be a delay between the date of the donation and when you receive the money. This is explain in further detail on the NSTF information page.

Information and forms


Kolin Kriitmaa, Executive Director, 604-465-5268 x 5, execdirector