Canoe Kayak BC's annual Paddle-A-Thon helps member clubs raise money for much needed equipment and programs AND issue receipts to their donors. The paddle-a-thon takes place each spring, generally from May 1 to July 1. See details on the 2019 Paddle-A-Thon.

Why participate?

  1. Raise money for your club.
  2. Donors receive tax receipts for their contributions to your club's fundraising efforts.
  3. Host a fun club event, build team spirit and increase community awareness.
  4. Paddlers can win an awesome prize!

How do we participate?

  1. Email communications with your intent to participate. CKBC will also send emails prior to the paddle-a-thon reminding everyone to register their club.
  2. CKBC works with the service provider, Raise A Thon to set things up. Clubs are asked for some club photos, current logo, a short blurb about why you're raising money and a few details on your Paddle-A-Thon.
  3. Once the Raise A Thon site is on-line, individual paddlers can begin registering and collecting donations. The individual paddlers are expected to take ownership of their fundraising from setting up their page to asking for donations. This eliminates most of the admin work from already busy club volunteers and staff.
  4. Organize your paddle-a-thon event and make sure CKBC, your club, local media and community know about it.
  5. Remind your paddlers to get out there and raise money! It seems to work best when they receive encouragement.

What should our Paddle-A-Thon event look like?

It can be anything you want!

Some clubs do a certain distance. Others do time. A whitewater club might choose to do a number of runs. And we encourage you to make it unique and fun! This can be a great team building day. And for sure include hot dogs.

Are you raising money for something exciting? For example, a CKBC club decided to raise money for a mini K-4 and put the names of everyone who participated on it. This can be a great incentive for donors and paddlers!

And if you're having trouble deciding on a date yet, National Paddling Week generally takes place during the second week of June. What a great way to celebrate!

How much money can we make?

Honestly, that is up to your club's paddlers. 

CKBC will promote your event and all of your individual paddlers. And clubs are encouraged to do the same.

But it only works if the individual paddlers get out and ask for donations. And it's easy - all they have to do is share their unique URL via email and social media. Plus, there is that old fashioned method of face to face requests.

In 2018, the three participating clubs raised $32,343.15 with our top club raising just over $18,000! And several fundraisers raised over $2,000 each. 

So really, the sky is the limit.

You mentioned prizes?

Yes!! The individual paddler who raises the most money receives $350 towards a new paddle.

Assistance from CKBC?

Definitely! Before the paddle-a-thon begins, CKBC works with you to create your paddle-a-thon page on our website. And your paddle-a-thon event will be added to our calendar and promoted in our newsletter and on social media.

Once the fundraising begins, CKBC posts daily progress updates on your paddle-a-thon page, sends weekly updates on your paddlers progress, promotes the paddle-a-thon on our social media and newsletters, and is available for any questions or suggestions you have.

CKBC also manages the donor receipt process and coordinate the process of setting everything up with Raise A Thon.

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