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At the False Creek Sprint Canoe Club, located on Granville Island, our club mission is simple - to promote paddling for all ages and skills and get more youth and adults on the water! Over the past 5 years, when our programs first started, over approximately 1000 paddlers have gone through our programs, both recreationally and competitively, and this number continues to grow. Many of our athletes race competitively in the sport of sprint canoeing and kayaking, some of which aspire to race in the Olympics one day, and many others enjoy the leisure of being on the water.

However, we have outgrown our facilities. Our current boat shed that houses our boats and paddling equipment is very small and in poor condition. It is over 20 years old, has never been updated, and no longer supports our growth. We have run out of space for boats and equipment, have no indoor facilities for any of our youth paddlers, and the building is falling apart. Our youth paddlers who come in to paddle have nowhere to put their bags except the ground, which is outdoors. Our current shed is also not enclosed, which means everything is exposed to the outdoor elements and that there is nowhere warm for our paddlers when the weather is cold and rainy. We are in desperate need of a larger indoor storage facility for our paddlers.

Our paddlers will be participating in the Paddle-a-thon to raise money towards better boat storage facilities at the club. They will each be paddling a target number of kilometres throughout the day. Please help support the development of our paddlers! Supporting the principles of Long Term Athlete Development and Canadian Sport for Life, our programs require better facilities in order to ensure our paddlers have a proper learning environment and to support the growth - more boats and equipment to support all levels and skills from young to old and able-bodied to para!

Date: Saturday, July 7

Location: False Creek

Details: Paddlers will set a target number of kilometers to paddle throughout the day.

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