VIWPS/Vancouver Island Kayak Polo



Vancouver Island Kayak Polo is a group of polo enthusiasts within the Vancouver Island Whitewater Paddling Society (VIWPS) interested in developing a sustainable program in Victoria and hoping to be able to promote further development beyond the south island in the future. Kayak polo is a fast-paced, exciting, team sport that can be a great way to involve and teach novice paddlers, but also provides opportunities to play locally, nationally, or internationally. Canoe Polo (aka kayak polo) is a recognized discipline of the International Canoe Federation and has been part of the International Olympic Committee sanctioned World Games since 2005 and has it’s own World Championships every two years.

Kayak polo in Victoria received a major bolster in 2017 with the loan of Canoe Kayak BC’s polo kayak fleet for the winter season. That, combined with a few motivated and dedicated individuals has yielded a regular group of players for the past two winter seasons, and a steady volume of new interest. Unfortunately, once the spring arrives, the borrowed equipment must leave the island for the next fortunate group to enjoy throughout the summer. Without the ongoing availability of necessary equipment, development momentum is halted completely.

With such strong and growing interest here, we would like to obtain equipment, including at least 10 kayak polo boats, helmets with facemasks, spray decks, pfds, paddles, balls, floating nets, and a transport trailer to allow for us to offer regular and year-round programming here in Victoria, develop youth and novice development programs, offer exposure programs to interested groups, and also look to develop coaching and officiating locally. Our involvement in the Paddle-a-thon is entirely dedicated to working towards these goals of acquiring adequate infrastructure for a long-term, sustainable program.


In 2018 Numbers:

  • Total members 151, of which 100 adult and 51 youth
  • 19 adults have participated in the Polo program.
  • One competitive youth member (WW slalom)
  • Just over 1/4 of adults volunteer in some capacity
  • 670 unique members in VIWPS in the last 10 years!

VIKP Paddle-A-Thon Details

Date: Saturday, July 6

Location: TBA

Details: Participating athletes will set up an outdoor polo playing area to play outside for
several hours.

Make a donation to your favourite paddler:


Total Raised:
$300 (Final)