Become a CKBC Member Club

Any new club wanting to be recognized as a CKBC member club must submit a new member club application package for consideration by the CKBC Board of Directors.

The CKBC Board of Directors reviews all new member club applications at its monthly meetings (please contact CKBC for exact dates). Applications must be received at least two weeks before the meeting.

How to register a NEW member club

For a new club to become a CKBC member club, the following must be submitted for consideration by the CKBC Board of Directors:

  1. CKBC - CKC Application for Membership
  2. Societies Act Registration Certificate 
  3. Certificate of Good Standing (if registered for more than one year)
  4. Board minutes supporting the pursuit of membership
  5. Contact information for your Board members and contacts for CKBC Committees
  6. A signed club compliance statement
  7. A copy of your constitution and bylaws  
  8. A roster of current members
  9. A listing of the programs run and coaches/instructors overseeing each
  10. Two letters of support from current member clubs
  11. What you hope to gain by joining CKBC
  12. SPRINT PROGRAMS require the approval of a racing singlet


Kolin Kriitmaa, Executive Director, 604-465-5268 x 5, execdirector