Coach and Instructor Requirements

All coaches and instructors at CKBC member clubs must be registered with CKBC as a coach. Additionally the following requirements for coaches, instructors and clubs must be adhered to:

 CKBC coach and instructor requirements:

  • Criminal Record Checks
    • All coaches and instructors must provide a Criminal Record Check (CRC) every five years for those over the age of 19. The CKBC online code is MDMAXBCRKS. Should you not meet the criteria for an online submission; print and mail your CRC.
  • NCCP Certification
    • Coaches/instructors must be certified under the National Coaching Certification Program where programming is available.
  • Code of Conduct

Club requirements:

  • ALL clubs must operate their programs under the direction of a certified coach or instructor.
  • Individuals employed by member clubs as a coach/instructor must be identified in the member database as a ‘coach’.
  • Clubs must pay WCB for their registered and paid coaches.

Program specific requirements:

  • Summer Camps 
    • Staff who are PAID and delivering summer camp progams at CKBC clubs must have completed: 
      • NCCP Community Initiation Coaching (CanoeKids) Course
      • Making Ethical Decisions evaluation
  • Club Head Coach
    • It is recommended that Head Coaches at member clubs have a minimum certification as an Entry Level Competitive Coach or equivalent.
  • BC Games
    • Head Coaches must have completed (at mimimum):
      • Entry Level Competitive Coach certification
      • Making Ethical Decisions evaluation.
    • Assistant Coaches must have completed (at minimum):
      • Coaching for Community Sport (CanoeKids) Course
      • Making Ethical Decisions evaluation.
  • National Sprint Championships
    • All Head Coaches representing sprint clubs at National Championships MUST have a minimum of Entry Level Competitive Coaching Certification.
    • All war canoe captains must be War Canoe Entry Level Competitive Coach certified.
  • Canada Games
    • All coaches must be at minimum Competitive Development certified.

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