Message to Canoe Kayak BC members regarding cross-border events

March 29, 2017

Dear members:

Recently our Board of Directors discussed the changes in US border policy.

The impacts of the new US Travel ban are being negatively felt by many Canadians from diverse backgrounds. Some, in particular, are experiencing heightened “profiling” with intrusion into their electronic devices and requests for passwords, are being held, fingerprinted, rejected and some are banned.

Canadian School Boards appear the first to publicly announce their policy changes. The Ontario School Board, citing “safety” and “equity”, has unilaterally cancelled cross-border school trips. This week the Superintendent of the Victoria School Board stated: "In our strategic plan we outline our values such as equity and social justice and the notion that if it affects one student in our community, it affects all of us." (italics mine), when announcing their cross-border trips cancellation.

While Canadian school boards wrestle with these policy issues, it would be fair to say that these values represent the view of the CKBC Board.

Canoe Kayak BC sanctions member participation in Ted Houk, an annual sprint regatta in Seattle which many BC clubs have attended in the past. As we act to ensure equity for, and inclusivity of, our individual athletes, family members, coaches and officials, CKBC will not require attendance at the Ted Houk Regatta as a pre-requisite for building our Canada Summer Games team.

We recommend thoughtful examination is given the potential outcomes, and impacts, of cross-border trips on club members and yourself, in whatever capacity you serve in our organization. We encourage you to go to the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association website at for further information on your rights and obligations.

Rhys del Valle
Canoe Kayak BC
On behalf of the Board of Directors

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