Ridge paddler Cassidy MacPherson represents Canada at Olympic Hopes 2019

September 17, 2019


Canadian sprint paddlers earned an impressive twelve medals, including five gold medals at the 2019 Olympic Hopes Regatta in Bratislava, Slovakia this weekend. The Olympic Hopes Competition is an event focused on young paddlers aged 16 to 17 on the Olympic pathway.

This event has emerged over the past five years as the optimal international competition for young athletes to test themselves against the best in the world. This year’s Olympic Hopes competition saw 835 competitors from 36 nations competing in age class competition.

Among the Canadians was Ridge paddler Cassidy MacPherson. MacPherson's top performance came in the K1 Women 16 1000 where she finished fourth in the final (watch the race video). 

Cassidy MacPherson Results:

K1 Women 16 1000

  • Heat 3: 1st (00:04:33.188); Semi Final 3: 3rd (00:04:30.129, Video); Final: 4th (00:04:35.580, Video)

K1 Women 16 500

  • Heat 4: 3rd (00:02:11.800); Semi Final 2: 4th (00:02:17.736, Video); B Final: 2nd (00:02:09.460, Video

K1 Women 16 200

  • Semi Final 3: 4th (00:00:46.320, Video); B Final: 3rd (00:00:45.580)

K2 Women 15-16 500 (with Toshka Besharah)

  • Heat 2: 3rd (00:02:02.760); Semi Final 2: 3rd (00:02:06.260, Video); Finals: 9th (00:02:01.380, Video

K4 15-17 200 (with Toshka Besharah, Angelina Davidson, Brooke Westwater)

  • Heat 1: 5th (00:00:40.600); Semi Final 2: 4th (00:00:41.380, Video

Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) prepares for this event as both a performance indicator and a valuable learning opportunity, as such Canadian athletes were entered into multiple events to provide the best experience racing at an international level.

“The sustained success of our 16 and 17 year old athletes at the Olympic Hopes Regatta reflects the strength of our club programming and coaches across the country,” said Ian Mortimer, CKC Director of Development. “This group of athletes performed very well over the weekend and have provided significant inspiration to paddlers across the country. They continue to set a high standard for performance as we enter the offseason and begin to prepare for a big 2020.”

Canadian Medal Count at 2019 Olympic Hopes Regatta:

Ella Hodgson-Pageau and Evie McDonald - GOLD U16/U17 C2 200m
Ella Hodgson-Pageau - GOLD U16 C1 200m
Ella Hodgson-Pageau - SILVER U16 C1 500m
Andrew Billard - GOLD U17 C1 500m
Andrew Billard - GOLD U17 C1 1000m
Andrew Billard and Mathew O’Neill - BRONZE U16/U17 C2 1000m
Andrew Billard and Mathew O’Neill - SILVER U16/U17 C2 200m
Evie McDonald - BRONZE U16 C1 200m
Toshka Besharah - BRONZE U16 K1 200m
Ian Gaudet - BRONZE U16 K1 200m
Kieran Graham - BRONZE U16 C1 200m
Craig Johnson - GOLD U16 K1 500m

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