Three medals for B.C. paddlers at National Canoe Sprint Team Trials #2; Cassidy MacPherson named to Team Canada for Olympic Hopes

July 1, 2019 Sprint-Trials-2-Results-HOZ

Three B.C. paddlers won medals at this weekend's National Canoe Sprint Team Trials #2 in Dartmouth. The trials served as the selection competition for a number of upcoming international events.

Leading B.C. was False Creek paddler Ydris Hunter who won gold in the C-1 1000 Junior Final.

Attending her first trials, Cassidy MacPherson won silver in the K-1 500 Junior Final. She also placed 5th in the K-1 200 Junior Final. Following the competition, MacPherson was named to Canada's team for the 2019 Olympic Hopes Regatta in Bratislava, Slovakia from September 13 to 15. 

Rounding out B.C.'s podium, finishes was Thomas Duff (Nanaimo), who won bronze in the K-1 1000 Junior Final. Duff also placed 7th in the K-2 200 OH Final.

B.C. Results

Burnaby Canoe & Kayak Club

  • Edward Colhoun (U17)
    K1 1000: 6th Heat 3;2nd Semi 3 repechage; 7th OH Final
    K1 200: 8th Heat 1; 5th Semi 2 repechage
  • Samantha Loutet (U18)
    C1 200: 5th Heat 5; 5th Semi 3; 8th B Final
  • Katrina Loutet (U18)
    K1 200: 8th Heat 6; 8th Semi 3

False Creek Sprint Canoe Club

  • Rowan Davison (U16)
    K1 1000: 8th Heat 1; 6th Semi 6 repechage
    K1 200: 8th Heat 5; 9th Semi 1 repechage
    K2 1000: 9th Heat 1: 9th Semi 3
  • Gillian Helliwell (U16)
    K1 200: 6th Heat 6; 8th Semi 4 repechage
    K1 500: 6th Heat 3; 4th Semi 4 repechage; 7th OH Final
  • Ydris Hunter (U18)
    C1 1000: 3rd Heat 2; 5th Semi 4; 1st Junior Final
  • Elisa Robson-Brown (U18)
    K2 500: 4th Heat 3; 5th Semi 1; 4th B Final
    K1 200: 7th Heat 7; 5th Semi 2 repechage
    K1 500: 7th Heat 5; 3rd Semi 3 repechage
  • Quinn Thomson (U16)
    C1 1000: 9th Heat 3; 9th Semi 1; 7th OH Final
  • Dylan Walsh (U16)
    K1 1000: 6th heat 6; 5th Semi 2
    K1 200: 9th Heat 7; 8th Semi 6 repechage
    K2 1000: 9th Heat 1; 9th Semi 3

Kamloops Canoe & Kayak Club

  • Abigail Donaldson (U18)
    K2 500: 4th Heat 3; 5th Semi 1; 4th B Final
    K1 200: 4th Heat 8; 9th Semi 1
    K1 500: 5th Heat 4; 1st Semi 4 Repechage

Nanaimo Canoe Kayak Club

  • Thomas Duff (U17)
    K1 1000: 3rd Heat 2; 8th Semi 1; 3rd Junior Final
    K2 200: 8th Heat 11; 3rd Semi 1 repechage; 7th OH Final

Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club

  • Alexander Dmitriev (U17)
    K1 1000: 7th Heat 1; 4th Semi 2 repechage; 5th OH Final
    K1 200: 7th Heat 11; 3rd Semi 3 repechage
  • Darren Granale (U17)
    K1 1000: 8th Heat 5; 8th Semi 6 repechage
    K1 200: 9th Heat 11; 7th Semi 6 repechage
  • Cassidy MacPherson (U16)
    K1 200: 4th Heat 9; 7th Semi 2; 5th Junior Final
    K1 500: 2nd Heat 7; 6th Semi 2; 2nd Junior Final

Full results are available on the CKC website

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