Date: February 25, 2020
To: CKBC and Paddling Community
From: CKBC Office
Re: CKBC Staffing Announcement
Attention All CKBC Members:

CKBC is please to announce the appointment of Connor Fehr as Interim Provincial Coach. Connor will be taking over the delivery of our Provincial Performance Program until later this fall while our Provincial Coach Blake Dalton is away on Parental leave. 

Originally from Chelsea, Quebec, Connor joins CKBC after serving as the Fort Canoe and Kayak Club Coach the past two years. In his capacity as Interim Provincial Coach, Connor will be splitting time between Fort and CKBC ensuring the success of both organization's programs. 

Connor began paddling with the Cascades Canoe Club before embarking on a paddling career that saw him participate as a Provincial Team Athlete and attend Sprint Nationals a number of times, winning the C2-200 in 2012. Upon retiring as a competitive athletes he began a coaching career that has seen him coach with his home club, before moving to British Columbia to take over the Fort Canoe and Kayak Club. Connor completed his Bachelor of Management with a major in Finance. 

Connor will be working out of the CKBC office on a part time basis and can be reached through the CKBC Office. We look forward to working with Connor and benefiting from the knowledge he has gained working with multiple clubs and programs both in and out of paddling.

For any further questions please contact 

CKBC Office



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