January Membership Update

Membership Communication Release - January 22, 2021

Now that we are into the new year and are all patiently waiting for the latest from our Provincial Health Authority on February 5th we wanted to communicate some updates from the CKBC Office so as to help you all with your planning for the upcoming season.


Staffing Update 

We are excited to announce Connor Fehr who acted as our Interim Provincial Coach in 2020, and has stayed on as a part time Project Coordinator has accepted our Sport Development Manager Position and will be assuming this full-time role effective February 8th. Connor can be reached at development@canoekayakbc.ca moving forward. 


CKBC COVID-19 Continuity Strategy

Since its launch we have had numerous communications about our new COVID-19 Continuity Strategy come into the office. We continue to encourage all our clubs to adopt a similar approach or even use the same strategy as you manage your way through COVID-19.

This COVID-19 Continuity Strategy is based upon the Book The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon and will allow us to lead our organization, sport, and recreational activities through the balance of the pandemic, and focus on the things that matter most. We chose this framework by Jon Gordon because its key message of positive energy. Something we must remember as we continue to manage our sport at this time.

As we are a government funded organization the focus/goals identified in this COVID-19 Continuity Strategy have been influenced by objectives of the Sport Sector, our Province, and CKBC’s Board/Staff as well as our expired strategic plan. We hope that all CKBC Members will work together to focus on these goals both personally and with your club.

Check out our Energy Bus COVID-19 Continuity Strategy

Membership Engagement Meeting - Save the Date

CKBC will be hosting a Membership Engagement Meeting on Sunday January 31, 2021 at 730pm. The intent of this meeting is to provide more information on the upcoming paddling season. Please save the date and mark this on your calendars. 


BC Summer Games - Assistant Provincial Sport Advisor Needed

CKBC is seeking a volunteer who would be interested in fulfilling the role of Assistant Provincial Sport Advisor for CKBC with the BC Game Society in preparation for the 2022 BC Games in Prince George, with the intent of assuming the Provincial Sport Advisor role in 2024 for the BC Games in Maple Ridge. If anyone is interested, please contact Connor Fehr our Sport Development Manager at development@canoekayakbc.ca for more information. 


Provincial Team Spring Training Camp - Save the Date

  • Dates: Monday, March 22-Saturday, March 27, 2021
  • Location: Burnaby Lake/Burnaby Lake Rugby Club
  • Athletes: Provincial Team Athletes (if health restrictions are eased, Next Gen Athletes will be encouraged to attend).

Administration Updates
As we continue to work towards making our volunteer jobs easier there are a few administrative updates to put forth:

  1. Registration Platform - CKBC has gone through an exhaustive search on a new registration platform that will suit the needs of our members after the feedback at our AGM. We have narrowed it down to two systems, with one being a clear front runner. This coming week we will be engaging with three clubs who will be doing a demo to provide their feedback on the system from the club perspective. Stay tuned for more information on this initiative by the end of the month. 
  2. CKBC Community Platform - If you haven’t yet please sign up for our new Community Platform. As we transition our programming to the digital world, and our next generation of Parents, Board Members, and Volunteers CKBC will be using this system as a key communication tool moving forward. Register so you don’t miss out!
    • Members can access this platform HERE and start connecting. 
  3. PSO - Payment and Cheque Platform - Please be advised that CKBC in an effort to streamline business processes within our office we have begun working with a company to process all our payments online instead of the arduous process of cheque writing. Many of the Sport Organizations in BC are moving to similar services including Sport BC who made the recommendation on this provider. We will be over the coming months collecting banking information so funds from CKBC can be wired directly into club and member accounts. In the interim be on the lookout for Cheques coming from TelPay our service provider. 
  4. 2021.22 Fee Structure - The CKBC board will be meeting next week to discuss and approve our budget and fee schedule for the 2021.22 season. We will make this fee schedule available to clubs after its approval.

COVID-19 Reminder:
As a reminder in regards to the current Provincial Health Order a few reminders for clubs as of this moment:

  • Clubs are required to revert back to Stage 2 regulations for their training which would include: 
  • No Teamboat training (even within your ‘bubble’)
  • Group Numbers for training must not exceed 12 people (coach included) 
  • Maintain physical distancing, and wear a mask when not able to do so. 
  • Continue to practice proper hand washing and hygiene protocols. 
  • Stay home if feeling any COVID-19 related symptoms. 
  • Additionally, any Adult programs for members 19 years or older, must be closed down at this time until further notice from the Provincial Health Office. ** Note - Athletes who are 19+ and are Provincially Carded Athletes through CSI-P may continue to train in their regular training groups, as long as they are abiding by the above guidelines.
  • “Adult team sport” has been revised to “group sport”: Group sport is defined as sporting activities involving more than one person and includes training and practice for an individual or a team sport, but does not include sport for children or youth, varsity sport or high-performance athlete sport. Group sport (i.e. sport for those 22 years of age or older) is only permitted in groups of up to two people (e.g. singles tennis or an athlete and a coach training session). Outdoor group sport is only permitted in groups of up to four people (e.g. four individuals may run together or four individuals could run soccer drills). All participants must maintain a distance of three metres from one another while participating in the sport activity. While this order provides clarity, it is important to remember the intent is to limit group gathering. For example, individuals should not be playing a sport with four people and then switching teams to another group of four during the same time slot.
  • Travel to home club: Individuals are permitted to travel to their home club for the purpose of sport. Home club is defined as the sport organization, club, or facility at which a person is registered for ongoing sport programming. Individuals should not carpool with other participants.
  • High performance exemption: High performance athletes are individuals who have been identified to a targeted athlete list with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific by their respective Provincial Sport Organization or National Sport Organization. A person, who is a high-performance athlete who is already training in B.C. may train, compete and travel for that purpose if they follow the COVID safety protocols of their respective provincial or national sport organization.
  • Sport for children and youth means an activity which is delivered by a provincial sport organization or a local sport organization and may include participants who are under 22 years of age, but does not include varsity sports. The PHO Order for Events and Gatherings differentiates between adult and youth sport activities.


If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out office through our contact us page.


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