Surf Ski

Surf-Ski-PhotoA surf ski is a sit-on-top kayak, designed to drain itself in case it becomes flooded with water. Additionally, the boat is easy to remount in case the paddler falls out. 

They are usually made from lightweight materials like fibreglass or carbon unlike traditional kayaks. This results in boats that are easier to handle and move effortlessly through water.

Surf skis are ideal for all abilities of paddlers from novice to competitive, without the need for much variation in design, other than width. Perfect fo all conditions, surf skis slice through mirror-like conditions in the morning and handle the the surfing waves that can take place in B.C. on a windy day.

CKBC clubs with surf ski programs

 Squamish Paddling Club 

Thompson River Interior Paddling Society (Kamloops)

Upcoming surf ski events