Sport BC/CKBC - KidSport Grant

Mar. 08, 2022

CKBC in Partnership with Sport BC and KidSport is excited to announce a new Member Club Grant program exclusive to CKBC Member Clubs. 


CKBC/Sport BC - Kidsport Partnership Grant
To be completed by June, 2022

Intent of Grant: 

The intention of this internal grant program is to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups/individuals to be introduced to the club environment with the notion of retaining them for future programming. KidSport funding applications for ongoing programming after completion of this program is encouraged. The target is a minimum of 10 PSO affiliated Clubs. 


Target Market:

  • Sport introduction (FUNdamentals, Learn to Train Stages of the LTAD). 
  • Inclusion of underrepresented groups/individuals (New to Canada, Indigenous, and Lower Income Families).   

Application Process:

Provide a 1-3 page written brief addressing the following components:

  • Program overview
    • Ensure target groups are youth aged 7 - 16. 
  • Program timeline
    • Must include a minimum of 1-session or more a week. 
    • Must be completed by the end of June 2022.
  • Safety Plan.


Program Execution:
Funds will be dispersed equally to member clubs 50% up front, and 50% upon completion of the post program evaluation. The grant is to be used to develop a program in the Spring of 2022 that targets underrepresented youth. The structure of the programs will depend on the needs of each club but program funds will be intended to reduce or eliminate the cost for program attendees. The program must be taught by NCCP certified coaches and include introductory aspects such as water safety and basic paddling skills. Clubs are not required to create a new program and may wish to use funds to reduce financial barriers to current programs. 

  • KidSport Logo must be included on marketing collateral.
  • KidSport must be acknowledged and thanked by way of any marketing collateral

Successful applicant clubs will be required to communicate regularly with CKBC, reporting details and challenges related to the proposed program. 



Complete the online Post Program Evaluation Report.

  • Program Overview and Highlights.
  • What worked well with the program?
  • What did not work with the program?
  • Provide marketing collateral (print, social media, etc.). 


Upon receiving the summary, CKBC may also request a debrief with clubs to further discuss the program. 


CKBC/KidSport Grant overview: 

Project Start Date: April 2022
Project End Date: June 2022


Project Funding: 

KidSport Contribution: $20 000

CKBC Matching contribution: $20 000

Total grant amount available: $40 000


CANOE KAYAK BC and SPORT BC gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Sport.


For more information or to apply please contact grants @ 

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