Centralized HR Program

After a successful pilot during the spring of 2022, CKBC is pleased to continue offering a centralized HR program. As planning commences for the 2023 spring and summer seasons, club’s are encouraged to utilize CKBC’s centralized job posting board and HR services to attract the best candidates for their club.


  • Enhance membership support specific to recruiting and hiring staff/coaches/volunteers to allow clubs to continually execute exceptional programming for their members.


  • By facilitating the centralized HR program, it is CKBC’s intent that member clubs will be able to invest more time on delivering exceptional programming and building capacity at the club level.


  • Greater visibility of opportunities within the paddle sport sector.
  • Broader reach of potential candidates for paddle sport job opportunities.
  • Cohesiveness in recruitment of staff and volunteers among paddle clubs.
  • Enriched communication between CKBC and member clubs regarding program needs and opportunities.
  • Availability for additional recruitment and onboarding resources for clubs as required.

How the Centralized HR Program Works:

  1. Provide Job information through the CKBC Centralized Job Posting Form
  2. Upon receiving your job posting information, CKBC will upload the position(s) to the CKBC Job Board and associated Job Boards.
  3. As applicants apply, CKBC will screen and review each applicant. During this process a CKBC Staff Member will be in contact with the designated club contact to inform them of progress.
  4. Upon the closing of your job posting CKBC will contact you with a short list of suitable applicants for the club to proceed with initial interview(s).
  5. If additional resources are required for the final stages of hiring, CKBC will work independently with the Member Club to see them through the final interview and hiring process.
  6. After a candidate has been successfully secured, the posting will be removed from all Job Boards.